About Espresso House

25 years ago in 1996, the two young students and entrepreneurs Charles and Elisabet opened the first Espresso House in Lund, Sweden.

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How it all started

The story of Espresso House began in 1996, 25 years ago in the south of Sweden
when the two young students Charles and Elisabet Asker opened the first Espresso House
coffee shop in the small university town of Lund. From start, passion and quality were the beacons of everything they did, and this is still true today.

Espresso House offered something new and different in the Swedish coffee landscape. A unique, cozy and welcoming atmosphere that was something new and completely different from the historical Swedish traditional café. The two pillar stones for Charles and Elisabet was quality and passion in everything they did and that culture is still strong as of today. In the beginning they baked everything from their own family recipes in their own kitchen. The classic Mudcake is still on the menu and is a recipe from Charles Grandmother.

Espresso House Today

Espresso House, a part of the world’s biggest coffee family JAB Holding BV, has grown into the leading premium coffee shop brand in the Nordics with 472* coffee shops across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

In 2020 we opened 27 new Espresso House Coffee Shops including 5 conversions from Balzac Coffee to Espresso House in Germany. We welcomed more than 30 million guests, and by December 2020 we had over 5000 people employed in all markets. The Head Office of Espresso House Group is located in Stockholm.

*472 coffee shops of which 467 are Espresso House and five are Johan & Nyström