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Espresso House Academy is where our employees are trained to receive the right introduction

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We want to see our employees succeed in their job, and we are aware of our responsibility to ensure our employees receive the right induction, knowledge and prerequisites to feel safe at work and to be able to do the best job possible. For the purpose of strengthening the onboarding process, Espresso House has developed an extensive training that is both practical and theoretical under the name of Espresso House Academy.

In 2020 Espresso House Sweden has accelerated the digital trainings in our Academy that is divided into three parts. These parts are called Learn, Play and Skills. With the digital platform we are able to provide customized training based on our employees role in the company.

Within leadership training we offer opportunities to embrace the role as a leader in different shapes. Either as a shift-leader or as a coffee shop manager for a coffee shop or even as a district manager for a full district of coffee shops. There are also possibilities to develop within food preparation, and many other different functions and specialist roles within our service offices. Ultimately, the most important thing when seeking new employees is to find the right person with the right personality and drive!