People of Espresso House

We have many examples of people who climbed and grew within the organization. When the people grow, the company grows. That is why Espresso House starts with you.

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A true people company

Our people are the foundation of our brand, and with our warm, personal, and including atmosphere we welcome everyone just the way they are. Our values set the foundation for our culture and they guide us every day in our work.  As of December 2020, we had 5 188 employees and during 2020 we received over 86 000 work applications to come and work for us.

Our employees are our most important ambassadors and having 96% of our total workforce in the Coffee Shops, we need to ensure that we are present where the majority of our employees are and that we learn from them and their needs. Listening to our employees about what they are thinking and feeling is one of our most important tasks and we do this through surveys, focus groups, team meetings and one on one meetings. Feedback channels for the employees are in place in all countries where queries and thoughts can be raised. We also have work environment representatives and we work with open communication between our Coffee Shop operations and the service offices supporting these.

In 2020 we also started rolling out improved employee rest and break areas initiating in 18 Coffee Shops. This is an ongoing work as a part of bettering the physical work-environment and create a larger and better areas for calm and rest during the employee work breaks.

In 2021 we will take steps to further reinforce and standardize Group policies and guidelines, related to onboarding, training, capacity development, work environment, as well as continue our work on equality and diversity. Ultimately, everyone matters and we want to see our people thrive in their role regardless of what work title they hold.

Espresso House starts with you

Our greatest ambassadors are the one working at Espresso House and we want everyone to be proud of the organization. The Espresso House culture is key to our success and we have many ambassadors within the organization that has taken the opportunity given by Espresso House and excelled – both personally and from a career perspective.

There are many examples that Espresso House is a great platform for growth, our own CEO is maybe the most telling example. Going from working behind the coffee station as a barista, to manage a multibillion company in an expansive market in just a couple of years is impressive. That amazing journey is rooted in the company philosophy of believing in people and their ability to do good. The Espresso House culture is key to our success and we have many examples of people in the company who climbed and grew within the organization. When the people grows, the company grows. That is why Espresso House starts with you. 

Ambassadors of Espresso House

Simon, District Manager

I have grown as a human being thanks to Espresso House. I have failed, I have learned, I have grown and I have always been well taken care of along the way. I was a seed when I started, today I am a coffee plant!

Wokeli, Coffee Shop Manager

I came across Espresso House by a coincident through a friend. The opportunities for advancement convinced me directly. Today I am a proud store manager with a great team at my side.


Julie, Barista Coach

My Espresso House story starts 8 years ago and today I work as a Barista Coach. I love how we work with people and that you can always develop and get new challenges within the company. Therefore, I have also become aware that life may not take me the way I first intended. I’m still on the path in my first job and I love it!

Marthe, Coffee Shop Manager

When I started as a Barista, my colleagues quickly became a group of friends and we started to hang out in our free time. My education and work at Espresso House has taught me a lot of how to work with different leadership styles and people. But also about friends for life.

Cazper, Shift Leader

To work at Espresso House has really made me grow a lot, both personally and professionally. For me, it is so much more than just a job. For me it is friends for life, opportunities to do funny things and to become an adult. My job opened the door to a new world.

Freja, Master Barista

When I was in 9th grade, a classmate told me that she had applied for a job at a coffee shop. My first thought was that I should work there too! I got the job and before I knew it I graduated. The best part of my job is to make our guests happy. And then, of course, coffee has become a huge interest.

Mathilde, Coffee Shop Manager

At Espresso House, development is a huge part of our everyday life. That I am allowed and have the opportunity to train and develop my colleagues at my work makes it all worth it. And then it’s just a great part of the work that we are all friends, and have fun together while we create results!

Erika, Coffee Shop Manager

When I came home from a trip in Australia, I hade a clear goal: I wanted to work with coffee and people. From the first moment at Espresso House I have loved the high tempo, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and to share the joy with other coffee-loving people who work here.

Camilla, Shift Leader

Espresso House is a perfect place to work for me since it has always been the interaction with the guests that I have liked the most in previous jobs. And I’ve always loved our products, so it’s cool to be able to pass that joy on to our guests.

Maja, Barista

During my last year at high school I was very tired of school and did not want to study further after graduation. When Espresso House opened their first shop in Piteå, I took the chance and applied for the job. Today I work as a shift leader, has attended a several internal trainings and there is always something new to move forward to.

Sharmarke, Barista

The opportunity to make and serve delicious coffee to our guests and make them fall in love with coffee is the main reason I want to work at Espresso House. There is no better feeling than when a guest likes what you’ve made for them.

Fanny, Trainee

While lying on the beach, I got a call from Epresso House and was invited to a trail day. From the moment I entered the shop for the first time, I felt as a part of the team.

Victor, Barista

We always have fun when we are behind the bar – and then it is only a bonus that you can serve a good cup of coffee in the meantime. In addition to my work at Espresso House, I also work with music. For me, it’s great to work in a place where you can give everything when you’re there, but also put it away when you go home and concentrate on other interests.

Michaela, District Manager

When I moved from Sweden to Norway, my parents thought I only would stay a couple of weeks. Almost seven years later I am still here, and I have build a life and a career along the way. Espresso House has taught me that you will go really far with the right attitude: you need to be focused and never ignore your own goals.

Estelle, Coffee Shop Manager

My work has developed me more than I thought was possible since you do new stuff everyday. For me, the experience is really important and what boosts me the most is to give people unique experiences every day, nothing can beat that feeling.

Amir Ali, Master Barista

When I came to Hamburg for the first time, I found the perfect cortado for me at Espresso House and quickly became a regular customer. I applied to Espresso House and now I work in my favorite shop. What do I particularly enjoy? Latte art!

Liv, Barista

When I started at Espresso House I didn’t know anything about coffee. No I feel more confident and have built a strong self-confidence in my role as a Barista. That I now can teach everything I have learned, both to my colleagues and our guests, is a fantastic feeling.

Charlotte, Barista Coach

I started as a barista at one of the smallest coffee shops in Oslo. The most important for me at the time was to learn how to make latte-art. And now, 4 years later, my mission is that all the coffee shops serve the quality coffee to our amazing guests.

Hoda, Senior Barista

I commuted between two cities and occasionally had a coffee at the Espresso House at the train station. When I moved to Hamburg, I knew that I would only want to work at Espresso House.

Felix, Shift leader & Master Barista

My fascination for tastes and my curiosity for coffee has taught me a lot. And every time I learn something new, I realize how much I don’t know. It’s a little bit like learning how to drink coffee, you’re developing your sense of taste all the time.

Idamarie, Coffee Shop Manager

The best thing about the job is the colleagues and the team. I’ve got to know amazing people and we have gotten a new hobby together. Some of our regulars play in the local ice hockey club, so now we always go and cheer on them when they have a game!