Social responsibility

The support by Espresso House focuses primarily on contributions and support to local events and organizations. In 2020 we donated 500 000 SEK to different causes

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Local charity engagement

Helping others gives us meaning and we are happy to support and make our contribution to charity initiatives in all our companies and countries where we operate. We follow up and evaluate our social engagements regularly, and we continuously assess new partnerships where we feel we can contribute to a positive change or development. The coordination of our social responsibility work is done locally in each country.

The support by Espresso House focuses primarily on contributions and support to local events and organizations, with the aim to improve people’s lives, often related to children and young people.

In 2020 we donated 500 000 SEK to different causes. Here are some highlights of the local charity initiatives we have undertaken last year:

Initiated a collaboration with Maskrosbarn, which is childrens rights organization that aims to improve living conditions for children with parents who are struggling with addiction, mental problems or expose them to violence. 150 000 SEK has been contributed during 2020 as well as raising awareness through our social media channels.

For the third year, Espresso House Norway again united with the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society (Barnekreftforeningen) to support their important cause to eradicate childhood cancer. Throughout September, our guests could buy gold bows in all our coffee shops, and in addition they could donate a desired amount at checkout. With the help from our guests, Espresso House managed to raise a total of 154 509 NOK. In addition, we have donated 100 Espresso House gift cards worth 500 NOK each to Barnekreftforeningen

Espresso House Denmark continued the support for Danish Red Cross. On Valentines we had a one-day campaign where we gathered 19.613 DKK, at Christmas we supported their Christmas help through the sales of the Danish Christmas classic Æbleskiver which resulted in 31.944 DKK. Espresso House also participated in a Christmas Relay. In total 71.557 DKK was donated to the Danish Red Cross to support their important work.

Finland (2019)
Contributed as a proud supporting partner of Helsinki Pride and the important values it stands for, such as equality and human rights. Furthermore, Espresso House joined the initiative Red Nose, which is one of the best-known charity campaigns in Finland with the aim to support international development aid for children. Together with our guests, Espresso House managed to raise 10 226 Euro.

Espresso House in Germany has for the past few years supported the child aid organization ’Die Arche’. Support has been given through flee market sales of our left over furniture and decorations during the conversions from Balzac to Espresso House. In 2020 we raised 6636 EURO for their important work to support neglected children and youth in Hamburg and Berlin.