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We focus on finding the person with the right personality and drive and then enable them to get that first position and develop via our Espresso House Academy Programs

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We want you – not your resume

With one new coffee shop opening a week on average, we always look for new stars that would like to be a part of Espresso House. Our focus is to find the person with the right personality and drive, and then enable them to get that first job and grow with us. We are convinced that personality and drive is a crucial component in each and every individuals journey to actualize their dreams. Your resume can be important, but your attitude is more important. This was the message behind the launch of “We want you – Not your Resume” which is an initiative about giving you, regardless of your background, an opportunity to work and grow with us.

The recruitment campaign first took place in Sweden during 2018, with the ambition to inspire other countries to create their own inclusive recruitment campaigns. For example, in Germany we introduced a campaign under the umbrella ‘Great Place to Work’ and we also have cooperation with High Schools, Universities and Institutions that has an aim to help young refugees to get a job.

Do you want to know more about Espresso House or find your new career within our company? Go to https://espressohouse.com/ to find out more!